GSC1-4008-9508 Range 4 Pole Switch Contactor

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GSC1-4008-9508 Range 4 Pole Switch Contactor

Type Description

Product Features
1. The 4 pole switch contactor comes with two pairs of normally open main contacts, and two pairs of normally closed main contacts, and can be used for power switching or load switching. It can finish the switching operation independently, unlike other common products which need two or more to be interlocked to achieve the function. Thus, the electrical apparatus has size and price advantages as compared with its counterparts. In addition, when the four pole AC contactor is in normal working status, its control loop is not energized. Hence, it is energy efficient as well.
2. The contactor can be combined with many other types of electrical apparatus. Except the installation side, all other sides can be installed with various devices to expand functions.
(1) Auxiliary contacts can be mounted onto the both sides of the 4 pole contactor.
(2) Auxiliary contacts or air type time-delay terminals can be installed on the top surface.
(3) Time-delay terminals, over-voltage suppressor and other types of functional modules can be connected to the coil terminals as well.

Main Technical Parameters
The range of product meets IEC60947 and GB14048.4 standards.

Type ParameterGSC1-4008GSC1-5008GSC1-6508GSC1-8008GSC1-9508
Conventional thermal current ( A) 608080125125
Rated working voltage (V)380 660
Rated insulation voltage (V)690
Rated working current
(under AC-1 utilization category) (A)
AC-1Electrical lifespan (×104, times) 10
Operation frequency (times/h)1200
Coil specificationsRated control voltage (V)36,110,220,380
Pull-in voltage 0.85Us~1.1Us
Release voltage 0.2Us~0.75Us
Coil power (VA)Pull-in200
Mechanical life (×104, times)300
Outline Dimension and Mounting Dimensions

GSC1-4008~9508 types
GSC1-4008, 5008, 650812686Track mounting is allowable as well according standard TH75-2
GSC1-8008, 950813797
Wiring Connection

Wire-connection Capacity of Wiring Terminals
TypeGSC1-4008 5008 6508GSC1-8008 9508
Wire No.1212
Wiring terminal connectable wire Soft wire (mm2)16165035
Hard wire (mm2)25-50-

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