JRS4-D Range Thermal Overload Contactor Relay

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JRS4-D Range Thermal Overload Contactor Relay JRS4-D Range Thermal Overload Contactor Relay

JRS4-D range thermal overload contactor relay is ideal for use in AC 50Hz or 60Hz electrical circuit with rated operating voltage up to 660V. It functions to protect AC motors against damages caused by overload and phase breaking. The bimetal type product is designed with setting current regulation device and ambient temperature compensator as well. It can be either manually reset or automatically reset. To suit customers' application demands, the contactor relay can work on eight-hour duty, continuous duty or periodical duty.

Type Description
Main Technical Parameters Lead No. Of main circuit connect terminal Lead No. Of main circuit connect terminal
Rated insulation voltage, Ui (V)690
Ambient temperature(℃)-5~40
Elevation (m)≤2000
EnvironmentRelative humidity is not exceeding 50% at the maximum ambient temperature of 40℃;
Relative humidity is not exceeding 90% at 20℃
StandardIEC60947-4, GB14048, EN60947-4, UL508
Storage environmentTemperature: -25℃ ~ 55℃;
Relative humidity: 95% (at 25℃)
Pollution gradeClass 3
Protection grade of exterior frame IP10
Connectable minimum
load of auxiliary circuit
24V 10mA
Main circuit
wiring capacity
Soft wire (mm2)41016_
Hard wire (mm2)6162550
Wire number2211
type RC(A) Voltage regulator area Connection contactor
Type type Voltage adjustment range (V)Control power (KW) (AC-3)Compatible contactor type Fuse for open circuit protection (A)
JRS4-09301d0.1~0.16 GSC 1-09-250.252
JRS4-09302d0.16~0.25 GSC1-09-250.52
JRS4-09303d0.25~0.40 GSC1-09-2512
JRS4-09304d0.40~0.63 0.37GSC1-09-2512
JRS4-09305d0.63~1 0.55GSC1-09-2524
JRS4-09306d 1~1.6 0.37 0.550.751.1 GSC1-09-25 2 4
JRS4-09307d 1.6~2.5 0.370.550.75 1.10.751.1 1.5 GSC1-09-25 4 6
JRS4-09308d 2.5~40.550.751.11.5 1.5 1.52.23 GSC1-09-25 6 10
JRS4-09312d 5.5~8 1.5 333.733.7 5.5 GSC1-09-25 12 20
Wiring Picture

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