GSJ3 Range Contactor Relay

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GSJ3 Range Contactor Relay

GSJ3 range contactor relay comes with compact structure, and good dustproof function. It comes with two kinds of contact types. One is five normal open contacts, and the other is three normal open and two normal closed contacts. Its contacts are distributed in two layers and its control coil terminals are also layered positioned, so it is easy to use.

Type Description

Coil Voltage
Power frequencyCoil voltage (V)
50 Hz/60 HzB7C7E7F7M7Q7
Main Technical Parameters
Parameters \ TypeGSJ3
Rated insulation voltage, Ui (V)690
Rated work voltage, Ue (V)AC380 DC220
Conventional thermal current, Ith (A)10
Rated working current, le (A)AC-15(380V)1.90
DC-13(220 V)0.27
Connectable minimum load (reliable work)24V 10mA
Rated operating frequency (times/hour)1200
Mechanical lifespan (times)8.0×106
Electrical lifespan (times)1.0×106
Insulation resistance (МΩ)10
Withstand voltage (AC)2500V 1min
Coil parametersRated control power supply voltage (Us) (V)24, 36, 48110, 220, 380
Pull-in voltage0.85~1.1 Us
Release voltage0.2~0.75 Us
Pull-in power70VA
Maintain power / power consumption8VA
Wiring capacity (mm2) Soft wire, hard- wire (control circuit)1 or 22.5
Soft wire, hard- wire (contact circuit)1 or 24
Outline and Mounting Size

Relay typeAmaxCmaxA1C1C2

C1: GSJ3+F3-X (or F3-d)
C2: GSJ3+SK4- d
a1: GSJ3+F3-X1 (or F3-d1)

Wiring Picture

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