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Universal Circuit Breaker

GSW1 series universal circuit breaker is designed to protect electric circuits and electrical equipment from damages caused by overload, under-voltage, short circuit, single-phase earth fault, and so on. It can be used as load switch or switch disconnector. With intelligent protection functions, the electrical device offers selective protections and accurately. This improves the reliability of power supply system, and effectively avoids accidental power off. The range of product conforms to GB/T14048.1-2006 and GB14048.2-2008 as well as IEC60947-2 standards.

Type Description

Main technical Parameters
Product TypeDrawer type
Fixed type
Poles 3P, 4P, 3P+N3P, 4P, 3P+N3P, 4P, 3P+N3P, 4P, 3P+N3P, 3P+N
Rated Current (A)200, 400, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600,20002000,2500,320040004000,5000,6300
Rated Working Voltage Ue (V) AC400, 690V, 50Hz
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui (V)AC1000V 50Hz
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (kV)12
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (V)AC3500V 1min 50Hz
Rated ultimate short - circuit breaking capacity , lcu (effective value) (KA)400V6580100100120
Rated Service Short-circuit Breaking Capacity, Ics (effective value) (KA)40055506565100
Rated Short Term Withstand Current, Icw(effective value), (KA)/1s 40055506565100
Breaking time (ms)≤30
Closing time (ms)≤70
Utilization categoryB
Isolation functionCan be used as disconnectors
Operation PerformanceElectric Lifespan400V1200012000900050004000
Mechanical Lifespan (maintenance free)2500025000200001500012000
Dimension (W×H×D) (mm)Drawer type, horizontal dimension 3P/3P+N282×351×345375×465×456435×465×471550×465×500.5813×465×493(4000A-5000A)
Drawer type, horizontal dimension3P/3P+N254×329.5×254362×430×350422×430×385537×430×415800×430×365

The breaking capacity of our universal circuit breaker will reduce accordingly when the ambient temperature exceeds 40℃ or when the elevation exceeds 2000m.
1. Breaking capacity reduction conditions caused by temperature increases

Ambient Environment+40℃+45℃+50℃+55℃+60℃
Allowable continual working current1600A1ln0.99ln0.96ln0.90ln0.87ln
1. Breaking capacity reduction conditions caused by elevation increase
Elevation (m)2000300040005000
Power-frequency withstand voltage (V)3500315025002000
Correction factor of working current10.930.880.82
Correction factor of short-circuit breaking capacity10.830.710.63

Intelligent Controller
The intelligent controller for our universal circuit breaker is designed with an LCD display. It offers functions such as testing, load monitoring, information display, and communication, allowing the electrical switch to achieve four types of protections. The protection functions are long-term time delay, short-term time delay, instantaneous, ground fault or neutral phase, neutral phase current protection functions. Other auxiliary functions such as voltage display, low-voltage protection, remote control, and more are also achievable via the controller.

Derivative Products
1. Circuit breakers with low voltage protection function
This is an innovative design in both national and international market. The low voltage protection function is achieved via an intelligent controller. The minimum operation voltage, delay time, and low voltage protection can be set on site, which eliminates the need of a traditional under voltage release.

2. Wide voltage input breaker
The intelligent controller for this circuit breaker works at voltages from AC/DC80V to AC/DC 280V, so it is applicable for use in areas with voltage fluctuations usually. As compared with other types of electrical switches, this type features stable operation in high or low voltage ranges.

3. 3P+N breakers
This product is designed for the replacement of four pole circuit breakers in the power distribution system, in which the neutral phase is always connected. As compared with conventional 4 pole counterparts, 3P+N breaker has advantages that it is low cost, small sized, and easy for installation.

4. Breaker with position status output function
As its name indicates, this electrical switch is able to output the position status of drawer type breakers, thus allowing users to achieve remote monitoring of the devices' operation status.

5. Products with high and low temperature resistance function
This type of circuit breaker can be used in extremely high or low temperatures. It can be stored in temperatures from - 40℃ to 70℃, and can work at maximally 70℃ temperature if the working current is reduced correspondingly. Its minimum working temperature is -25℃.

Installation, Wiring and Interlock Instructions
The circuit breaker should be installed vertically and the vertical bank angle shall not exceed five degrees. Horizontal and vertical wiring ways are both allowable. Before installation, please make sure the product specification is surely suitable for your specific application. While installation, please be sure that the electrical device is protected with reliable ground connection. More detailed information are available in the PDF document.

Horizontal Vertical

In addition, the products can be interlocked.
1. Horizontal interlocking
Two drawer type circuit breakers can be horizontally interlocked using a steel cable.

2. Vertical interlocking
Two or three drawer type breakers can be vertically interlocked using connecting rods.

Product Structure Classifications
GSW1 universal circuit breaker includes drawer type and fixed type. The former has advantages such as easier installation and maintenance, while the latter features lower cost, lighter weight, and smaller size. Additionally, the two types are designed with different rated current, busbar and intelligent controller. Clients can choose an appropriate type according to their actual demands.

1. Drawer type 2. Fixed type

More information such as product structure, outline dimension, installation dimension, wiring diagram, troubleshooting, and more, please click the following PDF document.

TS213 is a specialized universal circuit breaker manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides electric surge protector, fixed metal enclosed switchgear, power distribution box, switch contactor, and more.

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  • Residual Current Circuit BreakerGSL1 range residual current circuit breaker comes with rated insulation voltage of 800V, rated working current of 400V, and rated working current of 630V, and is applicable for infrequent switching of AC 50Hz circuits, and the infrequent starting control of electric motors as well.