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Electric Surge Protector

GSU1 range electric surge protector is mainly used in AC 50Hz or 60Hz, 380V or below, TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C, and TN-C-S systems to offer lightning protection and over voltage surge protections. It is manufactured according to GA173, IEC61643-1.1, and GB18802.1 standards. It has passed the tests by the Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Railways of the P.R.C and Beijing Lightning Detection Device Testing Center.

Type Description

Main Technical Parameters
TypePole numberMax. continuous
voltage, UC (V)
level, UP (KV)
discharge Current,
8/20μS, ln,
current, 8/20μS,
lmax, (KA)
Back-up circuit
breaker's rated
current (A)
The maximum
strength of fuse
time (ns)
GSU1-101P, 2P1400.85101616A gL<25
GSU1-201P, 2P1400.810203232A gL
GSU1-401P, 2P1400.81540

Note: 1P+N and 3P+N refer to compound type surge protector. They can be used in occasions with poor power supply environment.

Outline and Installation Dimensions

Note: n refers to the pole number of the surge protection device. 1P + N and 3P + N have the same width with 2P and 4P.

1. Remote indication contact
Surge protectors with remote indication contacts is able to achieve remote indicating function. The contacts are normally open and works at AC 36V, 1A conditions. When one or more modules have operation failures, the contacts will close and send out failure information.
2. Alarm
The alarm works on AC 220V. When the electric surge protector works normally, the indicating light is green. When the SPD has a failure, the alarm will send out bumming and the light turns into red color. By pressing STOP button, the bumming stops but the red light continues. If the failure is not eliminated in 24 hours, the alarm will send out bumming again. The alarming device has two groups of auxiliary contacts. When the surge protection device operates normally, the normal open contacts are closed while normal close contacts are opened. When the SPD has an operation fault, the normal open contacts are open and normal close contacts are closed, and failure signals are send out.
3. Installation size for SPD with accessories

Wiring Diagram

Usage Instruction
1. The surge protector should use 2.5-35mm2 copper wires for wire connection, and wiring method is given in the above.
2. Paralleled arrangement between protected wire and unprotected wire is not allowed. Or else, there will be induction voltage generated on the protected wire.
3. The wire length should be less than 0.5m. Overlong connection wire will cause additional induction voltage. If wire length exceeds 0.5m, we recommend connecting wire according to the following V-type wiring method.

Ordinary wire connection V-type wire connection
4. We recommend using 6mm2 or above copper wire for SPD's ground connection.
5. On the subcircuit, a circuit breaker or fuse should be serial connected so as to avoid electrical supply system failure caused by the surge protector's operation fault. The following is the connection method for circuit breaker or fuse.

6. After correction installation, the SPD offers automatic power grid protection without any additional adjustment.
7. During operation, users should give periodical check on the device.

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