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Automatic Transfer Switch

GSA1 series of automatic transfer switch is designed for use in dual-power supply electrical systems, and the dual-power supply system could be mains supply and standby power supply, or the mains supply and power generating system. The electrical apparatus is able to achieve the switch between the two power supply systems, so as to assure continual and reliable power supply when any one of the power supply systems failures. It is extensively used in hospital, shopping mall, supermarket, bank, chemical, metallurgy, and more industries.
The transfer switch conforms to Chinese national GB/T 14048.11-2002 standard and its utilization category is AC-33B.

Type Description

Technical Parameters

1. The controller of the automatic transfer switch incorporates an LCD display through which parameter setting page, fault memory page and other pages can be displayed. Each page offers different functions. Users can achieve man machine communication via the display and related control buttons.
2. Password setting function is available to protect parameter setting. When there is a demand for changing parameters, a correct password is required.
3. Some parameters, such as under voltage value, over voltage value, and switching time, can all be set according to users' demands.
4. Alarming function. When there is under-voltage, over-voltage, phase loss, short circuit, or overload failure conditions in the standard or standby power supply, GSA1 will send alarms.
5. The transfer switch comes with error memory function. This allows users to find the fault information conveniently, such as which power supply system has got an error, the failure type, the maximum and minimum failure voltage, and so on.
6. Dual switching off function. When there are fire disasters or other emergency conditions, the electrical device is able to switch off the dual power supply systems synchronously to assure safety.
7. The automatic electrical switch has overload protection and short circuit protection functions.

Structure Explanation
GSA1 range of automatic transfer switches is made up of a switch body and a controller. The switch body is composed of two same GSM1 circuit breakers which come with motor driven mechanism, mechanical interlocking mechanism and accessories. All those components are installed on a metal plate.
According to the controller type, the product is divided into split type and integrated type. The split type has its switch body mounted in the electrical cabinet while the controller fixed on cabinet door. The body and the controller are connected using cables. The integrated type has its body and controller installed on one baseplate.

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