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AC Low Voltage Power

The GS-GGD AC low voltage power distribution cabinet is applicable to the power distribution system of AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 660V and rated operating current up to 5000A in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. It is used for electric energy conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment. It is characterized by high breaking capability, good dynamic and thermal stability, sound electric program, novel structure, strong practicability, high protection class, etc. In addition, the product complies with the IEC439 standard for complete low-voltage switchgear and controlgear and GB7251 standard for complete switchgear.

Type Description

Electric Performance
1. Basic Parameters

TypeRate voltage (V)Rated current (A)Rated short-circuit
breaking current (KA)
Rated short-time
withstand current (KA)
Rated peak
withstand current (KA)

2. Circuit Program
Main Circuit
The GS-GGD type main circuit is designed with 129 programs (GGD1: 49, GGD2: 53, GGD3: 27), a total of 298 specifications (GGD1: 123, GGD2: 107, GGD3: 68).
The main circuit for the power plants comes with a rated current of 5000A, and is suitable for 2000KVA or lower distribution transformers.
The GGJ1 and GGJ2 capacitance compensation cabinet is used for reactive power compensation, including 4 main circuit programs, a total of 12 specifications.
Auxiliary Circuit
The auxiliary circuit design includes power supply and power plants programs. The GS-GGD cabinet has enough space to install secondary components.

3. Main Busbar
The GS-GGD cabinet main bus usually uses high quality copper busbars. When the rated current is 1500A or below, single row aluminum bus bar can be used. When the rated current is greater than 1500A, double row copper busbar can be used. The faying surface between the main busbar goes through tinning process.

4. Electrical Components
Our GS-GGD power distribution cabinet adopts advanced electrical components, such as GSW1, E6H, M switches. HD13BX and HS13BX rotation operated knife switch are specially designed for the equipment. ZMJ modular busbar clamp and insulating support are used to further improve the dynamic stability of the main circuit. According to user needs, more technologically advanced new electrical components can be easily installed.

Structural Features
1. The cabinet frame is welded and assembled by high quality 8MF cold-formed steel, ensuring high accuracy and reliability.
2. Our universal cabinet comes with 20 module mounting holes, shortening the manufacturing cycle and improving the working efficiency.
3. There are heat dissipation holes in the top and bottom. The heat of internal electrical components is discharged through the upper hole, and the cold wind is constantly replenished through the lower hole.
4. The product is designed with beautiful and unique appearance.
5. The cabinet door uses the shaft movable hinge, providing easy assembly and disassembly. It is also available with a rubber strip, which can prevent direct collision to the body, so as to improve the protection class of the door.
6. The cabinet surface undergoing electrostatic spraying enjoys strong adhesion and good texture. The product comes in matte color, creating a comfortable visual effect.
7. The top cover can be removed for easy assembly and adjustment of the main busbar. Four top corners are equipped with rings for easy lifting and loading.
8. The standard protection class is IP30. Users can also choose between IP20-IP40 in accordance with their specific requirements.

Installation and Use
Installation Notes

The installation of the product should be conducted according to the installation diagram (Figure 2). Users need to prepare the base channel steel and bolt required for installation. During the installation of the main busbar, the faying surface should be kept flat and clean by painting neutral Vaseline or other measures, and then the bolts are used for fastening.

Inspection Items
1. The cabinet topcoat shall not peel off and cabinet inside shall be dry and clean.
2. The operating mechanism of electrical components should be flexible.
3. The on-off operation of major appliances and auxiliary contacts should be reliable and accurate.
4. The meter indication and transformer transfer and polarity should be accurate.
5. The busbar should be well connected and insulating support and installation accessories need to be securely and reliably installed.
6. The action of auxiliary contacts, fuse, and relay should reach relevant standards.
7. The contacts of circuit should be in accordance with the requirements of electrical schematics.
8. The circuit protection system should meet related requirements.
9. The insulation resistance measured by 500 volt megger shall be no less than 1 megohm.

Use Precautions
1. The low voltage power distribution cabinet should not be installed against a wall, featuring single-sided (front) operation and double-sided maintenance. Only qualified professionals have access to the cabinet door for operation, inspection and maintenance.
2. After several times of operation, the main contact of air circuit breaker will locally burn and produce carbon-based material, resulting in increased contact resistance. Hence, the user should periodically perform maintenance and overhaul of air circuit breaker according to the instructions.

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