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Tianshui 213 Electrical Apparatus
Add.: No.35, Chiyu Road, Qinzhou District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, China.
Tel.: +86-938-8360079
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Main Products
  • GSC1-4011FC-6511FC Range Dustproof AC Contactor ContactorThe range of dustproof AC contactor is especially designed for use in harsh environments with strong dust. To illustrate, it has found applications in power circuit switching in welding, textile, cement production, and flour processing industries as well as other places requiring electrical d
  • GSZ2 Single Pole Normally Open DC ContactorGSZ2 range single pole normally open DC contactor is ideal for starting or stopping control of battery powered vehicles, and is also commonly used in the power switching system and uninterrupted power supply systems for electric forklift trucks, telecommunications and computer fields.